Keyword-Level Tracking

Track which keyword is generating more calls for you

What is Keyword Level Tracking?

CallRoot keyword level tracking, track the keyword used by the visitor while searching for your website.

When a visitor arrives on your website after doing an online search, CallRoot Dynamic Number Insertion assign a number to the visitor and track the source as well. The number assigned to this visitor is not assigned to any one else, until the visitor is active on your website. Hence, when they make a call, the call is mapped with he visitor and you will know who called you and what keywords they used to find your website.

This data is directly fed with among CallRoot Integrations such as, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Therefore, once you the call is logged as conversion (in Google Adwords) or event (in Google Analytics), not only you can see which source is generating more calls, but do the Keyword Level Tracking as well.

How does Keyword Level Tracking is done?

  • Once, you create a campaign on CallRoot, to track all the visitors on your website using Dynamic Number Insertion, a pool of number is assigned for your campaign.
  • Whenever a visitor arrives on your, one number is picked from the pool of numbers and assigned to that visitor.
  • Whenever, the visitor makes call on that number, which was swapped on your website using Dynamic Number Insertion, CallRoot can corellate that call with the visitor source and keyword used to search for your website.

Now, you can track calls coming from various sources and keyword and find out which source or keyword is performing better for your business.

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