Capture incoming calls as opportunities in ActiveCampaign

Automatically log incoming calls into your ActiveCampaign account along with campaign or keyword that generated the call, caller information & call recording

How to use CallRoot with ActiveCampaign? CallRoot is an incoming call tracking software for marketers and agencies. CallRoot is an answer to a very common question: which campaign or keyword is generating the maximum sales calls. With CallRoot, you can track & record incoming phone calls and much more.

ActiveCampaign Call Tracking Integration


Track your Activities

View your daily interactions with customers and keep track of every activity that's important to your business.


Access call recordings/voicemails

CallRoot records every call you make, ensuring a storage of each and every crucial detail of your customer.


Contact Sync

Getting tons of incoming calls from your ongoing campaign? CallRoot will convert them into contacts & deals in your ActiveCampaign account.

Source of Every Lead

CallRoot logs the campaigns or keyword that generated the incoming call.

Why you need CallRoot?

Integrate all your Leads with ActiveCampaign

Convert all your marketing-generated incoming calls into leads and save into your ActiveCampaign account - in real-time!

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Track new leads directly from your ActiveCampaign account

Automatically log incoming calls into your ActiveCamapign account along with campaign or keyword that generated the call, caller information & call recording

Track all your calling activities in ActiveCampaign

CallRoot creates activities in your ActiveCampaign account for every marketing-generated incoming call that you or your team receive.

Access Call Recordings

All call activities logged by CallRoot contain call recording link that you can use to click & play.

Set which pipeline the contact should go into

CallRoot automatically adds the newly created contact into a pipeline according to your setting. Just map CallRoot campaign with your ActiveCampaign pipeline and CallRoot automatically adds the contact, which is calling on the particular CallRoot campaign, into the respective pipeline

How to integrate ActiveCampaign with your CallRoot account?

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